How to Order Additional Hosting Accounts

This tutorial will assume that you are already logged into your Billing Services account. If you are having problems doing that or don't know how, please view the tutorial named "How to Log In to the Billing Services Area."

Make sure you are on the Home page. Click the Home icon in the navigation bar. The first step is to make sure your Account Details are correct. This will save time at checkout. Click the Hello, link on the right side of the navigation bar and select Edit Account Details from the drop down menu. Make any needed corrections and Save if necessary.

Go back to the Home page and you'll see a big button that says Order New Services. This button will take you to the LinkSky shopping cart where you can select the type of account you want to order (Standard, Extended or Ultra) and the billing term (monthly, quarterly, annually or biennially). Click the Order Now button.

On the next screen type the domain name that you want to use for you new hosting account and Click to Continue. On the next screen, let us know of someone referred you to us. We'd like to thank them. Click the Add to Cart button. If you have a discount code, enter it on the next screen and be sure to click the Validate Code button. Review the price and terms and click Check Out.

On the Check Out page, verify that your personal information is correct, especially the email address. If there is a credit card on file, the last 4 digits will be displayed. You can use that card or change to a new one. If you want to send any special instructions, you can type them in the Notes/Comments section. Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service and click the Complete Order button.

You're done! You'll get an Order Confirmation and Receipt from LinkSky by email. The order has been qued for fulfillment and the details along with the access information will be sent to your email address very soon.

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